Peering out from an underwater cavern - Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Gorgonian Whip Corals

live in locations where they can anchor against a moderate current that provides a steady stream of plankton as a food source. As the colonies grow in size they in turn provide a habitat and shelter for other organisms - Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Raja Ampat

A pinnacle at Four Kings dive site - Halmahera Sea, Misool, Indonesia

liquid supernova

just blow a perfect bubble ring, then follow it to the surface as it expands, centering it around the sun for the photo

Crystal Rock

is the seamount you can see in the distance. It marks a famous dive site near Komodo island in the Flores Sea, Indonesia


are extremely shy but beautiful. They come out from inside the staghorn coral exactly at sunset to find a partner to mate with, side by side - photo taken at Cabilao, Bohol Island, Philippines